Frequently asked questions

Are your flower essences for dogs only?

Developed by longtime dog trainer and behavior specialist Julie Cantrell, Aldaron Essences are designed to address dog behavior and training issues. However, any type of animal can benefit from our formulas. If you feel the description of the emotions for one of our flower essence formulas fits the needs of your cat, horse, rabbit, etc, we encourage you to try it!

How is this better than Rescue Remedy?

We like to say our formulas go “beyond Rescue Remedy”. Rescue Remedy is one combination of 5 Bach flower essences. It’s highly effective at alleviating emotional stress, shock, and trauma, whether it’s recent or in the past. Aldaron Essences’ formulas use a wider range of Dr. Bach’s 38 flower essences, so they are able to address many more types of emotion-driven dog behavior problems.

Are flower essences a kind of aromatherapy?

Although they sound quite similar, flower essences and aromatherapy work very differently. First off, flower essences have no noticeable scent! The essences are prepared from pure water in which selected flowers have been infused. Instead of aroma, what is preserved is the "energy signature" of the flower. It is this subtle vibrational pattern that holds the therapeutic value of flower essences. It acts as a kind of "tuning fork" for out-of-balance emotions, by providing the body with plant version of the healthy, balanced pattern for a particular emotion. The body will naturally try to match the healthy pattern, re-adjusting itself, over time, into a healthy emotional state.

Is this something my dog will have to be on forever?

When the right flower essences are chosen for a training or behavior problem, they can produce lasting or even permanent "re-tuning" of emotional states. So, if you give your dog a well-chosen flower essence formula for, say, a few months, the adjustment should last for some time after you stop giving it. How long depends on the individual dog and circumstances. If there are factors in his life - poor health, stress, too little exercise, etc – that push him back out of emotional balance, then you may need to give the essences again for a time, until he gets into balance.